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So Good Jewelry

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(617) 259-1053
349 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115

Location: Basement

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So Good Jewelry

this place is a very fun little shop to pick up something for a daughter, niece, girlfriend,... Especially beautiful hair ornaments, inexpensive to moderately priced. A really fun 'find' for a tourist behind on birthday gift shopping.

August 27, 2006

so good is so COOLIO


September 27, 2006
by Jocelyn


I'm sooo happy I found this store. I bought 6 pieces of jewelry here already. And i'm aiming for more! Everything in this store is so classic and elegant. It'll make any woman feel beautiful. :]

February 17, 2007
by Catherine

A website with all your jewelry... I'm moving next year and I would love to still shop at your store!

September 20, 2007
by katie

This place shines right when you walk in the door. I buy all my friends gifts here! There's a girl named Mun, she's the hottest

November 8, 2007
by Your Love

So Good Jewelry

I would recommend anyone in search for the perfect necklace to the store. I happened to stumble upon a necklace that reminded me of one Vivien Leigh wears in Gone with the Wind and just had to spoil myself and buy it. I am going back next week! It was the best store ever!

January 26, 2008
by Hailee


I'm from Las Vegas and this is the store I look most forward to coming too each year I visit. It's very reasonably priced and the quality is great. You can stock up on basics and find lots of trendy items too. Nothing here looks cheesy or cheap.

October 11, 2008


I love this store so much but I need to be able to shop there from my house because I live way to far away. If it is possible, it would be great to have a website with the jewelery. IT IS SUCH A GREAT STORE I GO THERE FOR ALL OF MY JEWELRY ALL OF THE TIME. IT GREAT FOR GIFTS FOR FRIENDS AND EVERYTHING!!

November 19, 2008
by Courtney

It's bling-bling heaven

I love this place, I can't get enough of the cute jewelry they have.They have various colors to match any outfits. The jewelry are affordable and very fashionable with trendy patterns, colors, style, designs, etc! I would recommend this place for anyone who is looking for jewelry for a special night or a casual day at work without spending so much money.
It's also a great place to buy Christmas/Valentine's day present for your girlfriends (great tip for you men).. Or maybe just a random day to give her something to show your appreciation.

November 17, 2008
by Jenny

THE Best Store on EARTH!

As evident by other reviewers, this place in PHENOMENAL. I have had more compliments on jewelry than any other overpriced thing I've bought anywhere else. It's affordable. It's trendy. And you can find something to match literally ANY style, ANY color, ANY outfit. Whether you need some conservative looking earrings or a huge exotic looking statement necklace--you name it, they have it. They also don't only have jewelry--but chic scarves, hair accessories, clutches, gloves etc. When I see jewelry and accessories in any other store I immediately compare it to So Good and they never can measure up. So Good is SO GOOD. And worth it beyonds words can describe. Go there!!!

December 28, 2009

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