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(617) 236-1931
129 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

Location: Lower Level

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Face scrub, Body Scrub, Cream

This product is amazing! It is well priced and it works fabulous. I love your product, keep up the good work and thank you!!!!!!!!!!

August 14, 2008
by Dina Belloli

They give free hand treatments of Scrub+Body Lotion!!! and...

It was so good that I couldn't resist buying the products! The scrub works wonders! I got rid of my under-grown hair problem, and my skin is left so smooth! I apply the lotion afterwards to feel soft too :)

May 22, 2009

Sabon Lover

I love everything from Sabon. My favorite items are Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub, Carrot Body Lotion, Lavender Rose hand cream, PLV body oil, face polisher, and all shower oils.

Everything is all natural ingredient based. And I love that atmosphere and packaging.

June 17, 2009
by Sabon Lover

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